International Women’s Day 2024 Theme of Inspire Inclusion – Invest in Women – Accelerate Progress – 2024


Let’s take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate that as women, we stand today on the back of previous generations of courageous women who have fought for equality, equity and justice for women throughout the ages.

It is almost unfathomable that it was not until 1974 that women were finally allowed to open a bank account and have a credit card solely in their name. Without having a male attached to the account or going as a guarantor.

And we wonder why so many women often are not as financially adept and in control of their financial independence.

Add generations of families that shun women talking about financial matters and the hindrance of the ability to even own an individual bank account.  We need to support and educate women on financial investing.

Whilst equality is the goal for each and every person on the planet regardless of gender and race we need to recognise that equity and justice are required to ensure that we create a level playing field for all.

We will not see equality for women in the workforce and financially until we see childrearing as a family problem/issue and not a women’s problem/issue.

When a woman returns to work after the birth of a child, we need to see an equal division of labour of the childrearing duties. It’s time to stop automatically turning to the mother to take the day off when the child is sick. These same childrearing demands need to be applied to fathers for child support. Let’s start asking the father how he manages a career with a newborn not just how the mother handles the never-ending child/work juggle.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge so many hard-working single mothers who juggle childrearing sometimes without any support, sacrificing financial independence and lifestyle choices to ensure that their children have the absolute best start in their lives.

It’s time to invest in women with a level playing field, an attitude shift, education and equity.

Kerri Speyers

Life Choices Coaching

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