This International Women’s Day’s 2022 the theme is “Break The Bias”. This is following on from the previous year of “Choose to Challenge” where we were raising our hand to show commitment to choose to challenge and call out and challenge gender bias and inequality.

Bias is the inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair.

Let’s imagine a world where there is no bias, gender, race, sexuality or otherwise free from stereotypes and discrimination. Where differences are valued, understood and celebrated.

This bias can cloud our judgement and we need to work every day to try and spot and disarm our natural bias. Because we are not looking at the world and what is happening from a place of clarity but from a place of impaired judgement.

Recently Marc Fennell created a television program called “The School that tried to end racism” in which over a series of weeks educators explored a ground breaking school program designed to provide a class of primary school students with the tools to identity racial bias and it was amazing to see the bias in play but also how quickly the children learnt to recognise their bias and how to change the language and behaviours around our biases.

It is possible to remove our biases but we need to recognise them, change our perception, language and behaviour around them.

Let’s create a world where equality is created and celebrated by stamping out our biases to make our world a fairer place for us all as we celebrate International Women’s Day 2022.


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